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Master Photographers Association Award 2020

Hi there.

I have a very big new to share with you. In the beginning of June. The main and the biggest association for professional photographers awarded my hard wok in wedding industry. The photo above was picked by jury of the MPA as the best wedding photo of 2020.

And there were merits for 2 other photos. I do not have to tell you that is is a great privilege to be appreciated by the best photographers in the UK from the Master Photographers Association.

You may think. Wow, nice but what I (that mean you) can have from it? You won the biggest photo contest in the UK but where are benefits for me?


Becoming a member of MPA is not easy process. Before you will be accepted by the association you have to present outstanding portfolio with a very good understanding of light, different techniques and generally all small parts of the business. To be the member of MPA you have to present high standard of professionalism.

So, in short. MPA is a kind of guarantee for high standards.

Winning an award

I think you understand now what the award mean. If the best professionals in the country pick your photo... in my case 3 photos. It must be something special and describe myself and service I offer for all my clients.

First portrait/wedding photographer in Coventry

I am the first and at the moment the only one photographer from Coventry who has a privilege to be a member of Master Photographers Association.

And I am the first photographer in Coventry and the area who won so important award in the photography industry.

From one side probably yes, In wedding photography I might be good enough to say that I am good and every single time I can deliver outstanding images for my couples.

Winner photos.

winner photo - I too the photo in 2020 at Manor hotel in Meriden near Coventry.

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