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Discovering the secrets of the camera

I have a camera... I spent a lot of money for it, and it takes bad photos :)

Isn't it ???

We may think like that, until we discover a couple of secrets of the camera.

Discover your camera Coventry

My experience show that only a couple of hours is needed to change your mind, and to learn and understand basic photography skills. Skills which will increse your awareness of photography world. And let you lift your photos to the higher level, doesn't matter if it will be Iphone, Dslr camera or any other photography equipment. They all work the same.

For me, this is not a lesson. This is an experience and exploration. This is kind of play in my photography studio, where I will show, and tell You a little bit about photography, about possibilities and restrictions. How photography equipment "see" the world.

photography for begginers

During expolation session, I have to tell you about a camera, about camera's feature, and generally how it works but most of the time we will spend on practicing and understanding results. You will be taking photos... and more photos on diferent setups, and then we will compare them, and talk about differences between every single photo. You will see and understand the difference between settings, how they affect images.

As you can see above,. From time to time I'm a model too... ugly model :)

The Next step 40% Off

If You will survive the first session with me, where You will make the first step to photography world, and You will be more aware how to take better photos, and You will start take them

If You will be happy from the day with me :)

I will be happy to show You more! To introduce you lighting techniques which i use in day to day photo sessions, and studio photography.

All story with 40% discount.

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