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Project - Movement in studio photography

Movement in studio photography.

I wanted to try something different than usual work in the studio, so together with my friend Magdalena Gawlik-Karasinska - personal trainer we decided to take some sport shoots, where you can clearly see movement of the body.

It was challenge for me as a photographer, and for Magda as a model.

Photo shoot details.

For this photo shoot I used black paper background, and two lights with "strip" soft boxes on both sides of the model. Achieved contour light allowed me to get out body of the model from the black background and add some strong contrast to the image., as it was in the concept of the photo session.

I used Nikon D750 with Nikon 28-70

I kept shutter speed as low as possible to get some movement blur. Low shutter speed was balanced with flashes which freeze the object. I use rear courtain sync. - it mean...I had a flash at the end of the exposure. Below you have a couple of photos showing how the stage looked like, and how an images would be without flashes.

(photo above) - the image shows how the stage looked like. Black background, 2 stripes on the side.

(photo above) - how it looks without flash. everything blured :)

Shutter 1/4 s f4.5 ISO 100 - no flash

s 1/8s , f4.5 ISO 100 rear curtain sync flash

Nice difference?

Photos taken at Marek Kuzlik Photography Studio in Coventry/ Keresley

Are you a amateur photographer who never had an opportunity to work in the studio, or you are more experienced cameras lover, and You would you like to take some photos in the photography studio ?

Drop a message (here) and book your session in my studio. I'm happy to assist you during your activieties or even teach You some techniqes.

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