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Commercial photography - product photography (intro)

Do you run your your own e-commerce business?

Are photographs are important for your business?

or if you want to see how I was taking photos?

this article may be for you.

have look on intro move below, and lets move forward.

So... above you have seen how the "stage" for the photos looks like. It's not a tent, because the tents doesn't give flexibility with lights setting (that's only my opinion) that's why I have a table for product photography with semi-transparent acrylic surface.

An as you can see on the photo below 4 lights setup. (there was one more at the front, with a snoot on it to put some light on logo). so all together 5 studio lamps.

a RAW file below. Nearly good but not perfect.

In the next part I will show you step by step how ...

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