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Portrait photo session , Coventry photo studio

Marek Kuzlik Photographers

We have fantastic team of 2 talented photographers. Marek and Adam. We know how to do this.... Don't believe? Come and test us. In 2020, Marek has won Master Photographers Association Award 2020 - for the best wedding photo.

How the session will look like?

If you haven't been photographed before. Do not worry. Possibly, at this stage you won't believe me if I say... The session with MKP will be easy like a walk in the park. Nice and easy but we add to this a lot of nice photos. It is important for our team to keep you relaxed.

How to prepare to a photo session with great Coventry portrait photographers?

Think what to wear. Don't think how to behave in front of a camera.


How many people will see my photos? Where those photos will be published? Did you ask those questions? Possibly yes. I hope your photos will be seen by as many people as yo like. If you won't give me permission to publish publicly your photos, we won't do this. At the same time, you won't see them on our website or any other gallery or social media.


Whenever you want. We based in Keresley End. We have there a photo studio. Fully equipped, with many opportunities for photos. We also work out of our "office" As I started this point - whenever you want. We can go to the park, you can hire a nice room at a hotel, we can drive down to Snowdonia for some epic portraits in the mountain. Whenever you want, however you want. We are professionals and we are able to adjust to nearly all enquiries.


Hmm, Everybody is welcome. Adults, whole families, ladies, boys, models and we may think about animals too. Fill the contact form and contact one from team members. We will guide you from the beginning to the end. A nice experience with a great results.

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