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First sunny day in UK - Sigma Art 35mm f1:4

After very, very long winter time with snow and a lot of rain, finally we had sunny but cold day. That's why together with my family we went from Coventry to the heart of Warwickshire. We had a fun travelling across the county, with the final stop in Royal Leamington Spa. Two photos of my daughter has been taken in Jephson Gardens. As usually, I used Nikon camera, at this time D750 with attached Sigma 35mm f1.4 (light set, and you can carry it for long time :) )

Aperture was set on 1.6 - 1.8 , so with this lens I achieved extremely blurred background. It works well in portrait photography.

Sigma Art 35mm f1.4 - this is amazing lens, until 2016 it was the best 35mm lens on the market but Nikon, and Canon relisted new versions of 35's

However, the price is very reasonable for this what will you get. It is approx. £599 at the moment.

I spot two problems with this lens. The first one is focus, the second large aperture (1.4)

Focus - I used this lens with: D700, D800, D750, and D4s and only the middle focus point was working fine. If I moved a little rectangle inside viewfinder up or down or sideways, the auto focus was playing.

No it wasn't problem with the lens. I checked other 2 in Calumet in Birmingham.

and I don't think that there were problem with cameras.

Aperture - wow, f1.4 for couple of hundreds pounds. Great! but for many of photographers who is thinking to buy one, or has just bought it, it may be a little problem. the depth of field is very shallow. Very, very shallow.

I can't find an example now but I took a portrait from about 4ft on f1.4 An eye was very sharp but top of the nose, and from ears backward the image was blurred.

Ok, if you have Sigma 35mm let me know what do you think about this lens.

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