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Family photo Session in Coventry based studio.

Family photography coventry

Family photography in Marek Kuzlik Photography Studio in Coventry...

... I should say - positive and fun experience in front of my camera with creative and beautiful final effect.

In my studio, family portraits are much more than stacic images of a group of people, where everebody is looking straight in to my camera.

family photography coventry

My family images are created to show emotions, to show family as the family and relation between family members.

Some tech info.

To shoot this session, I used one from my amazing Nikon cameras, with branded lenses.

ISO in this case was set on 160. (usually I shoot on ISO:100, probably was higher by mistake :) Aperture was set on f:8 - f:16. I used 2 lights from Godox. One light with transparent umbrella located behind me, and the second one on the side of the shooting stage with softbox 160x35cm with a 4cm grid on it.


I try to keep my clients on the stage for no more than 1 hr but sometimes we spend much more time... because of great fun.

Post Production.

Doesn't matter how good the RAW file will be, always you have to add little bit in a software.

I used LR for general tone settings, and some of photos I exported to PS to remove some dirty things from the background, and play little bit with Dodge and Burn tool.


Large viewing gallery with great pictures, and finaly many prints ordered.


I use one from 4 the bigest, and the best companies on the british market. It allowe me to deliver the best possible prints on the market.

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