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Portrait photography in Marek Kuzlik Photography Studio in Coventry

A couple of days ago I had two guests in my photography studio located in

Coventry, for awesome portrait photography session with:

photographer: Ricky Smith

model: Mollie Jayne

I was assisting Ricky and Mollie during the photo shoot only but it was great experience for me, and I hope for them as well.

Beautiful model with amazing blue hair, and talented photographer... and me as an assistant. You can check their profiles on Instagram (Ricky Smith) , (Mollie Jayne) to view effects of our work.

During the photo shoot we used grey paper background, and multi light setup.

Ricky has started with one flash which you can see on the right hand side on the photos above. It was 300w flash with softbox 1200mm x 800mm used as the main source of light.

The second one, 300w with strip softbox, and a grid on it on the left side. This flash gives us nice, long narrow strip of light, and some hair illumination.

The third light on the floor behind Mollie to illuminate background.

If you are the beginer in photography or you are interested in photo shoot experience in studio photography I'm happy to help.

Contact me for more details.

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