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My photography journey.


First post about first steps in photography... and then will be more interesting. I will post from time to time some interesting technical info from photo sessions, photos and movies.


Before I became good photographer (am I good? I'm still learning new things, I'm looking forward to be better photographer)

Before I became good photographer my beginnings where exacty the same as everybody arount the world. My first camera was fully manual Russian Zenith, and then Pentax MZ60, entry level, 35mm film camera with kit lens. Probably many of you never had an opportunity to use this kind of equipment. It was 2002, so I was 16 and I was in high art school, and then at the Uni, and then I came to UK. It was time when I forgot about photography for a couple of years.

I back to photoography in 2010, with new Nikon D7000, amazing camera, I think the best crop DSLR at that time. (I've done couple of weddings on D7000)


I started taking photos of my friends, their children. First for free, then I was asking "funny money" for photos. On the beginning of my photography journey I didn't know nothing about MARKETING, it was a reason why I had a problem with finding new clients. Now I know, and everybody can confirm that it doesn't matter how good you are - nobady knows you. So, I started work harder to improve my potrtait photography skills, I started advertisind and upgrading my equipment.

In the meantime I created my own small business called Marek Kuzlik Photography, I continiued with family and children photography but I didn't feel good enough. I wasn't sure if it is this what i want do for rest of my life.


2013, MK Wedding Photography was created.

Without massive, good wedding portfolio it was difficult to start (I've done 2 weddings before as second shutter). I used Gumtree to advertise free wedding photography for the first 5 couples who contacted me. It took less than a week to book my first english weddings... free of charge weddings but it was nice experience.... with some realy good photos!

Since that time I put a lot of work and my life to get to the point where I am now. MK Wedding Photography became a recognizable brand on the local market, and let me pay my bills....

In the future I will write a little bit more about my photography business.

The studio was opened in 2017 in Keresley End, Coventry. Over 30 sm, large shooting area with white cove, and many backdrops, and quality lighting and modifiers. What I can expect more... :)

bigger space :)

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