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product photography

Simple, you send your products to us and we shoot them, that's how it works. Easy process for you and finally a great effects. Just drop a message to get a quote. We will deliver your photos within 7 days.

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If you are selling quality products, you will need quality images to show them in the best possible way. 

We use our knowledge and advanced techniques to create for you eye-catching images which will stand out from the crowd.  

creative product photography

Creative product photos are crafted and adjust to the highest standard here in Coventry in our small photography studio where we put whole effort to deliver the best and interesting images for you.



You contact us with a description of the job. We come back to you with a reasonable quote and if you are happy, we will ask you to send your products to our place in Coventry.


We have your products and we start work on it. All products before we take a shot are cleaned and prepared for photos.


Photos are ready, so we send you a digital proof. You check them to make sure you are 100% happy from our product photography images


We send you an invoice and when is paid we send you your photos and prepare them for sending them to you. Cost is included in invoice

Local deliveries available at 50p / mile

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